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TTR Episode 012 – DS – Boxed Sets

EDITED: link now correct   Howdy Listeners, An introspection on the change in format of three systems from boxed set to “Core” book. Never Stop Gaming Steve      

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TTR Episode 011 – DS – On Conventions

Howdy Listeners, A new episode just in time for the upcoming convention season! We talk News and the fun of playing at cons. SydCon – October 3-5 – http://www.sydcon.inf0 Berzerka – November 14-15 – Come on down if you

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TTR Episode 009 – DS – D&D 5th Edition Rant

Howdy Listeners, another late night episode for you all to enjoy 🙂 In this episode I rent about what I like about D&D 5th edition, and what I don’t like about the new Adventurers League. I get quite drinky towards

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TTR Episode 008 – DS – Return and GM screens

Greetings Gamers! TTR returns with the first of my “late night drunk” episodes. I’ve got a couple more of these that i recorded in one block late at night after quite a few drinks It also includes a talk about

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Triumphant(Hopefully) Return

So… it been a few months since we recorded an episode, and a lot has happened since then. We had a baby back in June, which is fantastic, but has drastically affected our time for Tabletop RPGs. Shortly after the

TTR Episode 006 – DS – Star Wars Special Part 2

Part 2? Yes! Part 2! In this discussion episode we take a look at the various licensed Star Wars Roleplaying games over the years, and the Pros and Cons of Roleplaying in a Galaxy Far Far Away. Never Stop Gaming

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TTR Episode 004 – DS – Eyecon Wrap-up

Howdy listeners, TTR is back with Episode 4, our first discussion podcast!   we discuss the upcoming format change, cover some RPG news, and wrap up the EyeCon RPG convention we recently attended.   Related Links: The Grim Dark Podcast:

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Upcoming Episodes – discussion and more Star Wars

Now that SydCon 2013 is over, new episodes are on their way! The long awaited discussion episodes will be followed by the Playtest of Melissa’s Star Wars Revisited game, where the players take the roles of characters from the classic

Discussion delay

the third episode should have come out by now, but we are having trouble finding time to sit down and record. there wil be a filler episode soon, with the Star Wars talk coming later.

Discussion episodes coming soon

Greetings Roleplayers! these episodes focus on a small panel of gamers talking about RPG related issues. A few features of the discussion podcasts are the new releases and big news from the major RPG houses, email from the listeners, and