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TTR Episode 014 – AP – Trail of Cthulhu Millionaires Special

Howdy Listeners! Yes, we are still here! and we have a little Cthulhu action for you this episode. Check out Trail of Cthulhu at: And you can get this very adventure at:   Never stop gaming!   Steve

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TTR Episode 013 – AP – Dresden Files City Creation

Howdy Listeners, A Special SydCon preview in this episode. The City Creation session for the game we are running at SydCon 2017. The City and character sheets will be up soon.   Never stop gaming!  

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TTR Episode 010 – AP – G5E1 – Savage Worlds Star Trek

Greetings  Listeners! This episode we have a Star Trek game played in Savage Worlds. its a 1-on-1 game, so just one player and a GM, makes for an interesting game. Watch out for baby noise in the background! and we

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Triumphant(Hopefully) Return

So… it been a few months since we recorded an episode, and a lot has happened since then. We had a baby back in June, which is fantastic, but has drastically affected our time for Tabletop RPGs. Shortly after the

TTR Episode 007 – AP G4E1 – Cold War Cthulhu

Greeting Investigaters! we a have a fresh dose of TTR goodness for you today, The cold war is raging and the Reds are everywhere! Paranoia is rampant and reality has a tendancy to twist and bend to peoples warped imaginations.

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TTR Episode 005 – AP – G3E1 – Star Wars Special Part 1

Happy Star Wars Day! This is the first part of our Star Wars day special. We created Star Wars Revisited to give players the opportunity to step into the shoes of the main characters. We assumed that the movie went

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Upcoming Episodes – discussion and more Star Wars

Now that SydCon 2013 is over, new episodes are on their way! The long awaited discussion episodes will be followed by the Playtest of Melissa’s Star Wars Revisited game, where the players take the roles of characters from the classic

TTR Episode 003 – AP G2E1 – Serenity playtest

WE are back! Episode three takes you into the world of Serenity with another convention playtest. In this game, the players have to get aboard a ship, and complete the mission. what is their mission? they don’t know! hilarity ensues.

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TTR Episode 002 – AP G1E2 Star Wars SAGA playtest

Second episode is now up! In part two of the Star Wars SAGA playtest, the players have their plan, but can they make it work? This game was a playtest of a game that ran at the EyeCon RPG convention

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TTR Episode 001 – AP G1E1 Star Wars SAGA playtest

It’s here! the first episode of TTR is now LIVE!!!!! we are starting this off with an actual play episide. this was a playtest of a game that was run at the EyeCOn RPG convention, which is held in the

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Coming soon, Actual Play Podcasts

Greetings Roleplayers! The first of these Actual Play episodes will be available soon. Maybe even before the discussion episodes! First up is an ongoing Star Wars SAGA Edition game, with regular guest Melissa as the GM! Some of you may

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