TTR Episode 007 – AP G4E1 – Cold War Cthulhu

TTR Episode 007 – AP G4E1 – Cold War Cthulhu

Greeting Investigaters! we a have a fresh dose of TTR goodness for you today,

The cold war is raging and the Reds are everywhere! Paranoia is rampant and reality has a tendancy to twist and bend to peoples warped imaginations. But the truth is even worse that they can possibly imagine!

Welcome to The Cthulhu Zone!

we ran this Twilight Zone inspired game at EyeCon 2014, using Trail of Cthulhu with the Gumshoe system.

Here are the player characters for this game, left to right: Steve, Caz, Jason, Milo


GM Handouts, Left to right: Yith, Hounds of Tindalos, Mr Black, Agent Large, Professor Meecham, Agent Small, Lightening Gun, OPSS Base


All the characters from the Convention:


Details of the character sheet/folio







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