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Star Wars Special

This coming Sunday is May the 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars day!

TTR will be releasing a Star Wars day special with a look back at Star Wars RPGs over the years and an actual play recording of the Star Wars Revisited game that ran at SydCon 2013.

Convention wrap-up – EyeCon 2014 – Part 1

So another Con has come and gone.  we had a lot of fun at EyeCon this year, Here are some of the highlights from the games we played:

From Star Wars d6:

  • Dead Bothans are the intergalactic standard unit of measurement for danger
  • When someone gives you a crate of alcohol to deliver, it is not enough to simply trust it contains alcohol. It must be thoroughly verified.
  • You probably shouldn’t shoot people who are on your own side in a shootout, even if they have been blackmailing you.
  • Your captain can command you to do anything. ANYTHING.

From Star Trek Fiasco:

  • Raising Gorn (in a farm. I had a Gorn Farm) to fight in an arena, and then nursing him back to health when he lost. he got ice cream.
  • Playing a big tough Klingon who had a schoolboy crush on an Orion (non slave) girl.
  • why is there an illiterate Klingon who is also the quarter master?
  • You know you’re in trouble when even your split personality is trying to kill you.

From Three Musketeers game:

  • Whores
  • Fart jokes
  • Saving a bar wench(who was also a whore)
  • More whores
  • Ship of whores. I called it The Good Ship Blowjob.
  • For The Glory(hole) of France!
  • STDs are not Pokemon. you don’t have to collect them all.

stay tuned for highlights from our Cold War Cthulhu game.

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