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Taken From us to Soon

The Marvel Heroic RPG is no more.
I’m just going to copy and paste my comment from the MWP blog:

Disappointed about Marvel, but it wasn’t the best lineup of books. I think focusing in the crossover events was a mistake. team based books, like Avengers, X-Men, etc, supported by Adventure/Event books perhaps would have been better. when i saw that there was three supporting team books for just the Civil War line i was immediately worried how many more there would be for every other Event that came out. And some like New Avengers/Runaways don’t have the long history or large readership to support the sale of a book focusing on them. The info in 50 State Initiative should have been in the main Civil War book, and the Premium book, with the core rules included was misguided and wasteful. The fact most of the books never even got to the store shelves would not have helped things either. Sad to see this go, it was a fun system and had the potential to exploit years of great comics history.

Never Stop Playing.


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