TTR Episode 001 – AP G1E1 Star Wars SAGA playtest

TTR Episode 001 – AP G1E1 Star Wars SAGA playtest

It’s here! the first episode of TTR is now LIVE!!!!!

we are starting this off with an actual play episide. this was a playtest of a game that was run at the EyeCOn RPG convention, which is held in the Sydney area every April long weekend.

Melissa, the GM, had run two previous Star Wars SAGA games at conventions last year, both focusing onThylacine Squad, a special ops squad of imperial stormtroopers. This is the third in that series, and most likley the last for a while. so if you missed out at the convention, here is your chance to hear what happened.

This is the first half of this game, epidose two will finish it off, and that will be followed by a discussion episode with the GM about how the game went at the convention, what changed, what didn’t, and whether anybody else recognosed that the base was shaped like a penis.

The photos attached may assist you in following some events.

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