TTR Episode 002 – AP G1E2 Star Wars SAGA playtest

TTR Episode 002 – AP G1E2 Star Wars SAGA playtest

Second episode is now up!

In part two of the Star Wars SAGA playtest, the players have their plan, but can they make it work?

This game was a playtest of a game that ran at the EyeCon RPG convention over the April long weekend this year. we recorded it, and now here it is for your listening pleaseure 🙂

Some of the highlights of this episode include a crashing shuttle, a parachuting dog, a jumping AT-ST, a cruel fate for the base commander and the Moff, and more jokes about the base looking like a penis.

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  1. Have you gotten a copy of the new game? I LOVE Saga too, but I’m very ietrnested in the new system too. I went to the FFG website to pick up my copy but they appear to be out of stock. Hopefully they’ll make a second run for the people that could not get them for the first time. I’m ietrnested as it’s a completely different system than what I’ve ever played before.

    1. I got the BETA book from a mate in the US, but i think it was quite heavily changed before full release. I did pick up the Beginner Box, which I understand is not really compatible with the full game, but we will probably do a review/playtest of it at some point. If you are familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy RPG that FFG made, I understand the new Star Wars is similar to that.

      if you like SAGA then you are in luck! we have a lot more recorded from an ongoing campaign that will be coming up at some point. though the next AP will most likely by a Serenity oneshot.

      Thanks for listening!

      Never Stop Gaming!


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